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Temperature Sensors & Accessories  Temperature & Pressure Gauges
  sss Thermocouple.
  sss QRT.
  sss RTD.
  sss Omega Plug, Socket & Accessories.
  sss Thermowell Protection Tube.
 sss Pressure Gauges.
 sss Bimetal Thermometers.
 sss Temperature Gauges.
 sss Pressure Switch.
 sss Temperature Switch.
Pannel Instruments Special Cables

  sss Digital Indicators.
  sss Digital Temperature Controller.
  sss Digital Temperature Scanner.
  sss Electronic Temperature Controller(Analog).
  sss Digital Humidity & Temperature Controllers / Indicators .
  sss Counters.
  sss Digital Timers.
  sss Solid State Relay.
  sss Alarm Annunciator.
  sss Power Suppliers.
  sss Signal Isolators(Multiplexers).

  sss Co-Oxial Cables.
  sss PTFE Electrical Sleevings.
  sss Compensating Cables .
  sss Instrumentation Signal Cables.
  sss Data Communication Cables.
  sss Silicon Rubber Cables.
  sss Heat Resistant Cable.
  sss Jelly Filled / Dry Core Telecommunication Cable.
  sss Compensation & Extensions Thermo-Couple Cable.
  sss Elastomeric Cable VIR / TRS / EPR / CSP / Silicon & Eva.
  sss Any Other Special Cable Tailor Made To Customer's Requirment.
Testing, Measuring & Calibration Instruments. Instrumentation Fitting & Hardware

sss Hand Held Testing & Measuring Instruments.
       sss Calibrator.
       sss Pyrometer.
       sss Anemometer.
       sss Multimeters.
       sss Measure.
       sss Toung Instruments.
       sss Tecometer.
  sss Calibration Instruments.

  sss Instrumentation pipe fitting.
  sss Manifolds Valves.  
  sss Needle & Gauge Valve.
  sss Check Valve.
  sss Needle type globe Valves.
  sss Slimline Sampling Valves.
  sss Condensate Pot.
  sss Ball Valves.
  sss Forged steel Valves.
  sss Air Heater.
  sss Syphon.
  sss Quick Release Couplings .
S.S. Casting & Fabrication Products for Sponge, Cement Plants Conveyer & Material Handling Safety Products

  sss Kiln Feed Tube. (HK 40 + SS 310 + MS)
  sss C.B. Pipe. (HK 40 + MS)
  sss Coal Throw Pipe. (HK 40)
  sss Thermowell. (SS 310 + MS)
  sss Swirler for Air Tube. (SS 310)
  sss Swirler for C.B. Pipe. (SS 310)
  sss Radiation Protection Tube. (SS 310 + MS)
  sss Air Injection Tube. (HK 40)
  sss Kiln Air Nozzle Plate. (SS 310)
  sss Butterfly Damper. (MS)
  sss Anchor. ( SS 310 / SS 304)

  sss Pull Cord Switch.
  sss Belts Way Switch.
  sss Electronic Speed Switch (ESS / ZSS).
  sss Pull Cord.

Level & Flow Measuring Instruments
  sss Level Control of Liqid, Solids and Slurries.
  sss Glass Tube Rotameters.
  sss BY-PASS Rotameters.
  sss Metal Tube Rotameters.
  sss U - TUBE Type Rotameters.
  sss Orifice Plate Rotameters.
Anchor for Refractory Application
Temperature & Pressure Transmitter & Transducers
 sss Temperature Transmitters / Transducers.
 sss Pressure Transmitters / Transducers.