Kiln Feed Tube. (HK 40 + SS 310 + MS)
    C.B. Pipe. (HK 40 + MS)
    Coal Throw Pipe. (HK 40)
    Thermowell. (SS 310 + MS)
    Swirler for Air Tube. (SS 310)
    Swirler for C.B. Pipe. (SS 310)
    Radiation Protection Tube. (SS 310 + MS)
    Air Injection Tube. (HK 40)
     Kiln Air Nozzle Plate. (SS 310)
   Butterfly Damper. (MS)
   Anchor. ( SS 310 / SS 304)

Exclusively dedicated of the Manufacture of stainless steel, High Nickel & Cabalt Based Casting, which are utilized for Heat, Corrosion & wear Resistant application, by No-Bake Resign bonded sand as well as the centrifugal casting process.