Instrumentation Fitting & Hardware  
Instrumentation pipe fitting

"Thermotech" makes single and double compresion tubes fitting which are designed manufactured for process and Instrumentation tubing wich provides a leak proof torque free seal at all the tubing connections, thus eliminating hazardous and costly leaks.

M.O.C. : Stainless Stell of all grades, Carbon Steel, Brass, Monel, Hastalloy

Teflon. Tube O.D.: 1/16" to 1"(1.5mm to 25.4mm) Size Range: 1/16" to 1" & 1.5mm to 24.4mm All shaped fittings out of hign quality forging, Anti galling silver coating on nut threading Heat treated ferrules to ensure leak fre joint, Fittings are tested for hing pressure hydraulic Pneumatic, Impules, Vibration and free joints.

Manifolds Valvess
"Thermotech" makes 2 valve, 3 valve, 5 valve manifolds are availables with remote or separate mounted, Thermotech valve process & inst. connections are available with 1/2" NPT (F) threads. 2 valve manifold is for easy block or isolate and use for calibration system. 3 valve manifold is for 2 isolate & I equalizer valve for equalizing the high pressure & low pressure lines. 5 valve manifold consists of 2 isolate, 2 drain & I equalizer valves. All valves availables variety of raw material, Stainless of all grades, Monel,Brass, C.S. etc.

Needle & Gauge Valve
"Thermotech" makes Needle valves are specially design with packing below the thread. This design increses the line of packing & spindle threads. Thermotech pipe fitting design is made as per highest quality standard and meet the requirement of ANSI BI. 20.1 (NPT) threads end connections are fitted with end caps to prevent thread damages.
Check Valves

"Thermotech" makes a relibale high pressure check valve for free flow in one direction only with minimum pressure drop, soft seating arrangement without any force on the soft BUNA "N" or VITON seal results in zero leakage at back pressure & lang life, avaliable with screwed & pipe / tube ends.

Cracking pressure: 0.30 to 0.50 kg/cm2 standard special cracking pressure avalable

Test pressure Body: 620 kg/cm2 Seat: 413 kg/cm2 Pneumatic: Seat 60 kg/cm2 Seat:Buna"N",VITON Material: A105,SS304,SS316, Monel, Hastelloy.

Finsh: CS zinc plated & dichromated.SS natural.

Needle type globe Valvesk

One-piece ultra-slimline forged body combines a compact design with strength and reduced potential leak path compared to conventional designs. Outside screw and yoke (OS & Y) needle type globe valve with yoke and bolted bonnet provide high mechanical strength and long cycle life on primary isolation service. Flanged connections available on inlet or inlet and outlet in a choice of size and rating to suit each particular application. Heavy duty needle type globe valve is designed to ensuring bubble-tight shut-off on isolation and vent service. Gauge adaptors allow flexible positioning of gauges and instrument with a choice of designs available.

Slimline Sampling Valvesk

One-piece forged body combines a compact design with strength and reduced potential leak paths compared to conventional design. Flanged connections are available on inlet or inlet and outlet in a choice of sizes and ratings to suit each application. Primary isolation ball valves are precision machined and super finished for high performance pressure and temperature ratings. Heavy duty needle type globe valve is designed to ensuring bubble-tight shut-off on vending or isolation service. Bolt-on outlet option allows choice of connections for dual instrument mounting, welded connections and chemical injection.

Condensate Potk

“Thermotech” makes condensate pots are builts as per customer’s design in accordance with ASME codes. These pots are available in pipe threads, connections are 3000#to 6000#, half coupling / socket weld connection mounted on 90 deg angles (Extra connections can be furnished on customers requirement)   Thermotech condensate pots are made from seamless C.S. / Stainless Steel / Alloy Steel pipes and weld caps. Available with electro polished, Zinc platted or special paint finish can be provided.

Ball Valvesk

Thermotech design for application on instrument lines. Gas sampling lines, Pneumatical System, Pilot Plants, Analyser Labs etc. These valves perform on ON / OFF functions.
TYPE: 2way, 3way, 4way 5way, 1 piece design. Quarter turn, Half turn Full turn i.e. L Port 900, T Port (full turn).
MOC:  Stainless Steel of all types, Carbon Steel, Monet, Brass.
CONNECTION: 1/8” to 1” +
PATTERN: Screwed type, socketweld type, Buttweld type & Flanged end, tube OD connection i.e. thread connection BSP, NPT &as per ASA & BS specification.
PRESSURE RATING: 0 to 2000 psi hydraulically & 0 to 300 psi pneumatically.

Forged steel Valvesk
Type – Screwed, S/W, B/W. & Flanged. Material-CS-105,AS-F11,F12, SS 304,304L,316. 316L Gland Packing – Grafoil, Graphite, Asbestos, PTFE. Stem/Spindle – AISI 316/ AISI41 Temperature – Varies as per packing material range from cryogenic upto 500 C End Connection.
  • Screwed to ANSI B2.1 or BS.21 / IS.554
  • Socket weld ends ANSI B16.11 / IS 4712
  • Butt weld to ANSI B16.254) Flanged according to ANSI – B 16.5/BS 1560 Details of test:- Body ( hyd) 211 Kg / cm2 i.s. 3000 psi Test Part:-  (Hyd) 141Kg /cm2 i.s. 2000 psi Test Pressure:- Seat (air) 5.6kg/ cm2 i.s. 80 psi

Air Heater  k

“Thermotech” Made as per customers requirements, these air headers / distribution manifolds are wquipped with “Thermotech” make Needle / Ball and primequality materials. These can easily be mounted on wall or on pipe stand & available upto 2* 12 outlets with equal spacing & positioned to meet specific requirements.
 MOC:  Stainless Steel of all types , Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
TESTING:  200 psi pneumatically, 1000 psi hydraulically.

design for high temperature & high pressure steam application manufactured from seamless. CS, SS 304 / 316 pipe. Size – ¼” to 1” pipe, sch 40, 80, 160, & XXS End Connection – S/W, Screwed. NPT, BSP, Male / Female, Swivel type.
Quick Release Couplings k
“Thermotech” makes quick release coupling operates by one hand push action with twisting or wrenching, automatic shut off during disconnection minimises fluid loss. DOUBLE SHUT OFF COUPLINGS are used when positive shut off of both ends of pressurise lines is required. SINGLE SHUT OFF COUPLINGS are used where only automatic shut off of socket end is required. STRAIGHT THROUGH COUPLINGS are recommended for lines requiring maximum flow & without automatic shut off.