Level & Flow Measuring Instruments

Thermotech has RADIO FREQUENCY BASED LEVEL SWITCH TRLS in their product range. These switches provide reliable & accurate point level detection of solid (Powder & Lumps), liquid, and slurry in store bins, silos, hoppers, tanks, chutes and any other vessels, where materials is stored, processed and discharged even at high temperature / Pressure / corrosive application.

These switches are unaffected by :

  1. Coating and accumulation of material in sensor.

  2. High temperature and pressure of material in process.

  3. In transit material, suspended particals, particles size, material composition etc.


Model TRLS has two parts. :
(A)     Sensing probe : Rigid / Flexible.
(B)     Electronic Unit : Solid state, Circuitry and they are connected by special coaxial cable.

lavel-switch1 lavel-switch2lavel-switch3
Glass Tube Rotameters :

Glass Tube Rotameters Mainly used for measuring rated flow of liquid and gases. 

  • Available in C.S., SS-304, SS-316. Poly Propelene, PTFE lined.

  • Flanged, Screwed or Hose connections.

  • Available from 15 NB to 100 NB pipe size and ranges between 30 to 20,000 LPH of water at ambient temperature.

  • Linear Scale having Accuracy of -+ 2% FSD.

Glass Tube Rotameters consist of a tapered glass tube mounted vertically in a frame with the small diameter at the bottom and large end up. At this position it indicates the instantaneous rate of flow. The flow rate can be read form the adjacent scale. 

BY-PASS Rotameters :

Bye Pass Rotameters are available for line sizes 2" and above.

Bye-Pass Rotameters are the most economical solution for flow measurement in large pipe lines and for large rate of flow but the use is limited to solid particles and slurries that tend to clog the range orifice and may result in malfunctioning.

The complete assembly consists of an Orifice place, Flanges of the main pipe line, by-pass piping with isolation valve and fittings, range orifice and the Rotameter.

Metal Tube Rotameters :
metal tube Metal Tube Rotameters are available for use in harsher duties in liquids and gases where glass tubes are not allowed for safety reasons. These are very rugged and robust yet inexpensive for flow rate indication purposes. MTR can be used for opaque and turbid fluids at high operating temperature and pressures. The Flow is indicated by a pointer, which is magnetically coupled with float that rises in a tapered tube with increase in flow.
U - TUBE Type Rotameters :
u-tube type rotometer

U - TUBE Type Rotameters used for precision measurement of Pressure and Differential Pressure. 

  • Zero adjustment scale.

  • Wall / Stand mounted

  • Available in Glass & Acrylic body

 Range :          In Glass Tube               In Acrylic Body

                     250 - 0 - 250 mm               50 - 0 - 50 mm
                     500 - 0 - 500 mm              100 - 0 - 100 mm
                     750 - 0 - 750 mm              150 - 0 - 150 mm
                                                            200 - 0 - 200 mm

Orifice Plate Rotameters :
Orifice Plate Rotometer Orifice Plates are used extensively For Industrial Flow Measurement and can be used for clean liquids, Steam and gases application. The Orifice Plates are designed as per BS 1042/IS Standards and the accuracy is 1/2 to 1%. These can be supplied with / without matching flanges and Carrier ring.
The Plate is machined from SS 304/ SS 316/Monel. Flanges can also be of different material like ASTM A 105, A 182, SS 304, SS 316 and Monel. The Flange rating may be 150# 300# / 600# or more as per customer's and process requirement.