Testing, Measuring & Calibration Instruments
Calibrator: Hand held portable universal calibrator battery cum mains operated with Mv/Ma/RTD source/Sink to calibrate & check transmitters/Indicator/ Thermo-couple/RTD are a must for every sponge iron plant.
Radiation Pyrometer: Every sponge iron plant keep one hand held I.R. Pyrometer 0-500’C for monitoring kiln outer shall temp. we supply “RAYTEK” and Theromotech temp. Gun
Anemometer: Range 0-30/45m/s are used to monitor pulverizes coal injection rate. Metal Vane fan Microprocessor based Anemometer are also offered against specific enquiry.enquiry.
Digital Portable Thermo-Meter :Calibrated for 'K' type thermo-couple is very use ful for sponge-iron units to check and cross check readings directly from mounted thermocouple head of rotating kilns.
Testing And Measuring Instrument : We also supply multimeter / Tongtester / Meggar / Tacho meter & Other testing instruments for maintainance & operation of electrical systems.
Toung Instruments
Temperature Calibrators :

   Sub-Zero Temperature
   Dual (Hot & Cold) Temperature
   Heavy Duty Low/Medium Temperature
   Economy Models
   High Temperature
   High Temperature (Compact Version)
   Very High Temperature
Pressure Calibrators :

    Microprocessor based Smart Pressure
    Advanced Microprocessor based Smart Pressure
    Benchtop / Panel Mounted Microprocessor based Smart Pressure
Hand Pumps : Portable Handheld & Bench Top type Hand Pump models to cover Pneumatic (up to 40 bar) & Hydraulic (up to 1000 bar) ranges.
hand pumps
Dead Weight Testers :Pneumatic (up to 70 bars) Hydraulic (up to 700 bars)  Ranges.
Accuracies – ±0.1 / – ±0.005 / – ±0.025 / – ±0.015% of Reading
Single / Dual Pistan Model.
Motorized & Portable Version available.
deat wight testers
Calibration Test Benches  : Calibration Test Benches For Pressure, Temperature, Electrical & Electronics Parameters.
calibration test Benches
HART Field Communicator : The Rosemount HART Field Communicator is built on over ten years of experience with the 275 HART Communicator. It is a universal, user upgradeable, intrinsically safe, rugged and reliable portable communicator that will support all your fieldbus devices.
The HART Field Communicator runs on Windows CE, a robust, real-time, operating system. The display uses transflective technology, making it easy to read in both bright sunlight and in normal lighting. It also includes a multi-level backlight, allowing the display to be viewed in those areas of your plant with dim light. The touch sensitive display and large physical navigation buttons provide for efficient use both on the bench and in the field.
Rosemount HART Features:
  • Universal HART ® andFoundation TM fieldbus
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Interfaces with AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
Rosemount HART Specifications:

Processor and Memory

Microprocessor 80 MHz Hitachi® SH3
Memory Internal Flash 32 MB
System Card 128 MB or higher secure digital card
Expansion Module 32 MB or higher secure digital card
Battery Charger Mini DIN 4-pin jack
HART and Fieldbus

Three 4mm banana plugs (one commonto HART and Foundation fieldbus)


IrDA (Infrared Data Access) port supporting up to 115 Kbps

±15 degrees recommended maximum angle from center line
Approximately 12 (30 cm)recommended maximum distance