Conveyer & Material Handling Safety Products
Pull Cord Switch



Pull cord switches are operated by pulling Rope at any side. Unless & until the normal position handle is reset to Normal Position the switch. Remanns

Belts Way Switch


For Normal running of the belt with acceptable swaying , the belt sway
switch is generally mounted on both sides and near the edge of the conv-eyor, belt. A small clearance is allowed between contact roller and the belt with acceptable swaying. When swaying exceeds normal limit, thebelt edge pushes the contact roller, which drives the switch and operatesthe contacts. The switch resets automatically when the belt resumes, normal running.


Electronic speed Switch



The basic principal involved is comparison of pulses received from sensor probe with standard pulse .The sensor is to be installed withits sensing face in close proximity of rotating object. On this object,flags are to be fixed as shown in the table. The sensor produces strong, electromagnetic waves which get disturbed by the flags, giving rise to corresponding pluses. These pulses are fed to the control unit where they are compared with standard pulses to sense the speed.

Pull Cord
(A) Pull Cord Perfectly insulated galvanized pull cord wire rope , overall dia 4-5mm. providing total safety to operator's hand.
(B) Single or double compression gland.